& McConnell is an independent design agency investigating the greatest potential to your biggest problems.


Step by Step Creative Directions. We help clients find problems they didn’t know they had and then we gloriously creative direct them out of the darkness.

& McConnell is founded by Mick McConnell to help companies identify new opportunities for growth, design products and services that manifest this future, and develop prototypes and pilots for testing in market.

We work in multidisciplinary teams, customized for each client, best suited for the questions being asked. Our capabilities - all rooted in design - include:

  • Innovation and Strategy

  • Graphic Design and Brand Design

  • Product Design

  • Space Design

  • Retail Design and Strategy

  • Event Design

  • Digital Concept Design

& McConnell is currently collaborating with top agencies and brands including Heron Preston, KarlssonWilker, and one amazing stealth initiative.

Mick McConnell entered college at the precipice of Deconstructivism, digital media and representation, and on the downward slide of modernism and brutalism. Trained in architecture with an emphasis on graphic design and literature, his career has been a mixtape of design, strategy, and product development. With leadership roles at Starbucks, Chipotle, Samsung and WeWork, Mick has the experience and understanding large brands need. His experiences at Arnell, Interbrand, and R/GA have given him the tools to work at developing an understanding of the core issues of the brand quickly and efficiently.

Check out work we have done with other brands at https://vimeo.com/andmcconnell

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